Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Frostgrave: Ice Tower

This is a tower I have been working on for some time but had really lost my way with. It often happens that I lose interest in a project that I believe is going off track. This is one of the later that I started some while ago, coming from the idea that I wanted to get some height into the games of Frostgrave without simply sticking a tower into the game.

Its all constructed from thick cardboard reclaimed from boxes, left over polystyrene and the dregs of a container of Artex. I haven't been out and bought anything for the project. The base is of hardboard, which may have been a bit of an error as it may have warped a bit.

The whole piece has had two coats of white emulsion and then washed over with a green and then blue which I made from Rinse aid and a dab of the appropriate colour. Very simple. 

Finally the smaller pieces of scatter terrain you can see were an experiment I made while I was at Lukes and we had a few bits of Sculptamold, our home made version, left over and I'm not keen on throwing stuff away. So I made these icy lumps, could be stalagmites at a push.

Been a while since I have played Frostgrave it has to be said, apart from playing D&D, spending lots of time working with Luke's APS, more on that soon.

Will try to get this in a game shortly to see how it plays out.

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