Sunday, 4 February 2018

Rogue Trooper Unit

Carried on with the Rogue themed Astra Militarium yesterday and managed to paint another 9 to a half reasonable standard. Looking at these I think I need to spend some more time working on the skin tones. Its a bit blocky to say the least.

I like how they look from a distance, so on the tabletop they'll be fine, but when you see them through the lens of a camera/phone then.....

My first unit complete, think I will launch into another and then I have a couple of Chimera that need repainting and giving some insignia to draw them together with the Rogue Trooper feel.

Not sure what weaponry I can put into each unit at the moment, not having a rulebook, but not going to worry about that for the moment, just having fun. 

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