Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Saga: Irish Warriors

This is the first unit of warriors for my Irish Saga army that I've completed.

Will be adding flock and possibly some static grass in the future.

Hand painted all the shields, I enjoy doing these, as I did with the Vikings. Thin the paint, make sure your brush is OK and away you go. They are all slightly different, but that makes them a bit individual.

I've kept the colours quite mute but spent quite a while thinking about and then painting the shield designs. I got inspiration for them from the Gripping Beast designs they have on their website.

They are Footsore Miniatures models and I rather like them, I bought their war band deal and then got a unit of hounds to bring them to 5 pts. See the undercoated models I posted last month here.

I've ordered my copy of the new rules and look forward to getting them soon, next week hopefully :-)

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