Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Revamped Cottage

This is a cottage I make about 3 years ago now and recently have been working with Luke on a diorama which contains a Mill from Tabletop World and I realised that there were some problems with this one here. The Mill is a fantastic model, blows anything I could make out of the water, but it has inspired me to try to make mine better.

If you're observant you will notice that I have already cut the base section of the model because its obvious to me now that the lower half of the building is too high.

So I've cut it short and repainted the exposed section of foam board.

The next stage is to look at the other details on the model. The stone around the edges of the building needs to be enhanced, shall I say, and the roof tiles need more detail.

Also I have to add a chimney.

Having seen the level of detail on the Tabletop World I have decided I need to look again at what I have made and see what I can do with them. Starting with this one first.

I've also trimmed the lower part of the roof on one side because it was lopsided to be honest. Needs re-cutting to form the tiles next.

So I will be working on this on and off in the next few weeks to see how I can make it better.

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