Thursday, 8 March 2018

Cottage Update 3 ish

Have been working off and on, when I can, on the cottage upgrade. I have been mainly working on the roof as you can see adding wooden shingles and a dormer window to give the build a bit more character. 

I have been adding beams to the gable ends as well and added more of a chimney above the roof line.

 Decided to make a template for the dormer roof, thought it may come in handy for all the other buildings so rather than trying to sort it out on an individual basis, the template was the way to go.

The tapers I have been using for the shingles have been replenished via Ebay and now I have a massive bag of the things and they are much better quality than my originals. Straighter and neater generally, well worth the £10 as I can use them in all sorts of work from gangways to wooden effects on boxes and other builds.

Whats next for this then? Well the dormer and roof  needs covering in shingles and the ridge needs attention, I wanted to add a larger more substantial piece of timber work and some cross beams on the gable ends.

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