Tuesday, 6 March 2018

KOW: Basileans & Ogres V Abyssal Dwarves & Night-Stalkers

The Venue: Wakefield Warriors Games Club

The Game: Kings of War

The Armies: Basileans/Ogres V Dwarves/NightStalkers

The Extras: Strategy Cards, this was mine and only helped our enemies.

The Scenerio: Dominate

The Disclaimer: I am going to let the pictures tell the sorry story.

The Opposition: Kev and Chris

The Partner: Steve

The Tactics 1: Basileans fly and out maneuver the NightStalkers

The Tactics 2: The Ogres multi charge the Abyssal Dwarves

The Outcome: Routing of both our armies.

The Recovery: Too weak. too late.

The Message: Stop playing with NightStalkers for the present until after Beers of War V, "Beer Harder,"at end of April.

The Victors: Clever Sods

The Upshot: Lots of laughs and good back slapping fun!

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