Saturday, 3 March 2018

Roman Card Cutting

Yesterday spent a part of the day making a couple of 6" lengths of very small border designs with a Roman theme.

This one, commonly known as "Greek Key", is only 1 cm wide so was a bit fiddly to cut, but many many years ago I worked as a graphic artist in Leeds doing just this sort of thing, seems I haven't completely lost the skills I learned. 

As you can see below I make a single template then drew it out repeatedly on the card strip. Then spent quite a while cutting it out with a Stanley knife, my weapon of choice.

I also made a cable piece, which is complete, in the same manner as the Key, however I wasn't happy with this one, no matter how I tried, and I did, I was left feeling the angles at the end of each piece were just not right.

The following pictures show the process I went through, what they don't show is how many times I drew and manipulated the pieces,  over and over again.

I think, in the end, that each piece I made was too large for the 1 cm strip, so I was forcing it a bit, Will probably have to redo this one. At least the Key piece came out well enough and is useable.

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