Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Five Parsecs: Odi Santi, Mission 2

Pre Game

The crew made a group decision to stay on Horst, mainly because their meagre funds prevented them from going anywhere. Having amassed 9 credits from the last mission they promptly lost 4 due to unusual expenses and finally another 4 was spent on wages for the crew. So 1 credit was all that was left, they needed cash fast.

With Remi unable to work, after the last mission, Eema, Timtuk and Darrsha went to find a patron but despite being at +3 to do so they failed!
Max spent his free time training adding 0.5 to his toughness.

The crew were forced to take a mission of opportunity. They had a tip off that a cash of weapons bought by a dodgy group of mutants was due to be picked up that afternoon in downtown Palmers.

Remi had armed himself with a cling fire pistol from the quarter master, he needs to develop the ability to shoot 2 pistols at once.

I realised that after the last post the character sheets I posted were not very clear at all, so here they are again.

Since the last game Timtuc6 had found a shell gun knocking about in the ships store.

The crew take up positions and wait for the Mutant's to appear.

Its a particularly rough part of downtown.

Would you beleive it the pick up has been left out on the street near a bar.

The mutant gang appear, 5 armed and 2 all tentacled up.

Timtuc6 manages to act first.

Despite his huge size he attempts to sneak down a parallel back alley. 

While Remi closes the front door.

Oblivious the mutants are encouraged forward by their leader, Vicious Malicious.

The rest of the crew catch up with Remi. 

Darrsha dashes past Timtuc6.

The mutants stay as a group, but aggressively move forward at each opportunity as detailed in the AI rules. 

Over view of the downtown drop.

With the Mutant gang only one move off gaining the cash of weapons, the Crew get into better positions to gun them down.

Remi and Max gain the higher ground.

Remi fires but misses and then Max opened up with his handflamer, killing the 2 tentacled Mutants and stunning the second 2.

Timtuc6 shot and stunned one of the mutants whom was stunned by Max. 

This slowed the Mutants and drove back the foremost.

However the gang leader and the other 2 mutants closed on the weapons cash.

As they did they shot up at Remi and downed him in a hail of bullets.

While Vicious Malicious, the gang leader, used his shotgun and took out Eema.

Casualties removed from the board.

Darrsha sees an opportunity and shoots a mutant down and a moment later Timtuc6 charges into combat with the last Mutant, his Vicious looking on in horror behind him. 

Timtuc6 killed the Mutant in quick order and at this point I realised I had not been taking any morale rolls for either side.

For each D6 roll of 1, the side receives a failure, the crew had 2 members down but threw no 1s. The Mutants however had 4 troops down and threw 2 1s.

Recognition of his predicament slowly dawned on Vicious.

What was left of his gang left the weapons and left the scene. 

The cash was the crews.

Post Game
First off I was very lucky that neither Remi or Eema died from their wounds, but both are in sick bay for a turn. Remi has a leg wound and Eema a torso wound.

Then a campaign event "seemed promising" and I have a new recruit to add to the crew for next game.

The crew were payed 6 credits for their work and the Mutant gang don't seem to hold any grudges but that maybe because when the crew opened the weapons cash there were no weapons. The container was packed full of novelty stuffed toys!

What in the Verse!

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