Sunday, 18 March 2018

KOW: Herd V Basileans 2000 pts

Played against Kev over at Wakefield Warriors last Monday night, a 2000 pt game of Kings of War: we played the Ransack scenario (2017, version).

My Stampede and Harpies on the left flank facing off against the Elohi and Panther riders, both very fast units.

The Elohi hordes are the troops that I was the most worried about, Kev uses these well and they can be devastating.

Kev had deployed a large portion of his troops in the centre of the field and I felt reasonably confident that I could rout those if I could get multi charges off, especially on the horde of Sisterhood Infantry.

However I was a bit worried about the 2 wizards and Phoenix that were supporting his troop.

I opened with a big, bold, stupid move up the board with the Beast troops and lost them both to the aforementioned wizards and Phoenix.

By the third turn I had managed to get myself in a good position to get the charges in the centre that I wanted and was happy there, but the Left flank fliers were giving me all sorts of hassle, 

Added to which neither of my two troops, Giant Eagles and Harpies had first failed to clear the Panther rider chaff, then the Eagles had wavered when struck back, Doh!

Recap- the centre shows promise, the left flank is a mess and the Abbess on a Panther chariot is getting behind my lines. Not good, unless you're called Kev, which I am not!

Classic move from Kev, I foresee the end of the Stampede.

The Centaurs bounce of the Men at Arms, cause 4 wounds I think, but most were healed back or Iron Resolved.

Cat and mouse with the Abbess, not something I've ever said before!

Steve is flummoxed and rightly so, all the charges in the centre work and the Sisterhood are routed in 1 turn, gulp! 

The second charge by the Centaurs seal the fate of the Men at Arms too.

This picture show very nicely a very grave error on my part, notice the position of the Harpies. Instead of the being out the back doing nothing, I should have placed them infront of the Elohi about to charge the Stampede's flank, double Doh!

Notice lack of Stampede, but nice laser shot :-0

This is the quiet before the storm, all seems well but I am completely out of position with a very maneuverable army on my tail.

The silly thing I did cancels out the clever thing I did here. 

I did 19 wounds to the Palladin troop, but rolled double 1s, tough, nothing I could do about that, but then fearing a rear charge from the Elohi I turned the Centaurs round to face the Elohi, bad idea and quite unnecessary. 

As I had charged the Harpies into the Elohi to try to hinder them, stopping them from flying next turn, which I actually did, 3 wounds, brilliant!

However that meant the Centaurs had exposed there rear to the semi dead Palladins who promptly routed them, Doh!

From that point it was a matter of mopping up the rest of my badly positioned Brutes, falling to the Elohi and Abbess, who is one tough cookie.

I never managed to co-ordinate a second wave of attacks and Kev rounded on me from all sides and picked me off one by one.

The field was completely cleared, well  played Kev, nicely done.

So apart from a bit of bad luck, a combo of excellent play from Kev and a couple of poor decisions stopped me from contesting. 

Well done Kev, great game, very nicely played ( Have to say that, he reads this ;-) always a pleasure to play, a real gent.

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