Monday, 26 March 2018

Gangs of Rome: Casting the Bases

Recently I have been struggling to post very regularly, mainly because a lot of my spare time has been spent working alongside Luke and Wayne casting the bases needed for Gangs of Rome.

Wayne is the sculptor, an excellent group of bases you couldn't wish for while Luke and myself have been busy molding and casting the sculpts.

Bases for individual citizens and special miniatures, not player characters.

Recessed Mob bases, the smaller 20 mm bases fit inside, bet you couldn't guess that.

This is a new venture for Luke's APS and has worked very well, the bases have been a success, sold out in days and we are currently on our second and much larger run.

Can't state enough what a great job Wayne Cooper did sculpting the originals, fantastic attention to detail.

Mob bases for the local inhabitants of Rome to get into the action.

The large mold created to cast the bases from, we ended up splitting this to make it easier to use.

Mixing up the silicon. A lovely green.

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