Monday 28 September 2015

ClashOTF: All the Young Dudes (well 10 mm miniatures at least)

Thought I would put together all the models I have built in the last couple of months, partly to see where I am in the whole process and partly to see where I need to go next with them.

Pirates, the first miniatures I made in 10 mm.

The Swarm contingent, all hand made.

Converted, I really like these and will be making more of them.

Horde, will be making a lot more gribbly beasts for these, more hippo conversions! :-)

Unity Marines and characters.

Wookee pirates, becoming a force on their own.

The Unity Guardsmen and their vehicles.

Close ups.

The models are laid out on an old piece of lino that I had knocking about, realised it would make a good playing area. In B&Q the other day they had some metalic chequer plate lino, could be fun as well.

And a load of terrain I made for 30 mm games that seems to work fine here too.

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