Monday 7 September 2015

ClashOTF: Tracking the Swarm

Having fled Sarin industrial zone after they were routed by the Swarm, Bix, Laertes and Mila returned to their command ship, the Nancy Drew:1209 expecting to be told that a nuclear strike was about to proceed.

However upon arriving Commander Ealand announced that Bix and a small command would be returning to the surface in order to investigate an anomaly found in some mountains to the east of the industrial zone.

Despite his protests, Bix had no real choice and so prepared his command for what they might expect.
Due to the large deposits of heavy metals the cavern system could not be read reliably, so when Bix and the Marines entered them Ealand would not be able to Communicate or use further sensor readings to guide the team.

Deeply unhappy, but with no real alternative, the team land close to the mountain  range in which the caverns had been located. Bix, Mila and Laertes along with the Marines entered the dark forbidding caverns, what would they discover?

This entrance was anything but a natural rock formation.

Contact with Commander Ealand was lost almost immediately

The nervous group plodded on.

Turn after turn, the tension heightening.

Ahead a junction appeared out of the gloom.

What was that in the distance, Mila stared into the dark.

Twitching in anticipation, a group of Drogoyles begin to dribble copious quantities of goo.

Pivotal moment here: who ever thought lobbing a grenade would facilitate a covert mission.

All 5 Drogoyles were destroyed.

The group decided to take the right fork.

Seemingly unaware that the grenade may well have attracted some unwanted attention.

Deeper and deeper into the caverns the small group trudged.

As a particularly tight corner was negotiated Laertes thought he heard a quiet far off chitinous rustle.

The sounds grew louder and the group began to organize themselves for the coming conflict.

Bix, Laertes, Mila and Lobo move to the rear to confront the Drogoyles. 

Two are shot down, but the resat cover the distance and get into hand to hand combat.

Although hurt, all the characters survive and slay their Swarm attackers. All but one.

At the other end of the tunnel the Marines throw 2 grenades at the Drools...

and kill four.

Lobo with the help of shield from Mila dispatches the last Drogoyle.

And a mass attack from the Marines extinguishes the life from the last Drool.

Almost immediately the noise attracts another clutch of Drools. 

Despite having 2 of their number gunned down by the heroes they come on unheeding of the carnage about them. 

And in the swirling combat Investigator Blix is fatally wounded. Dragged to the ground and trodden upon.

Stunned by the departure of their leader Mila, Lobo and Laertes struggle on. 

The Marines come to their aid.

The last Drool is killed.

For a moment the Group take stock and Mila steps forward to take the reins and make a vital decision.

The mission is compromised and so she decides to abort.

They must leave the caverns immediately.

The Marines cover the rear of the party as they make for the entrance, speed is of the essence, the very air is alive with the sound of wails and vicious evil screams.

The Marines gun down 4 of the Drools but one breaks through and eviscerates one Marine.

His brother in arms pushes back the dribbling creature stopping it from attacking again.

A grenade finds its mark and blows the Drool to smithereens.

The party moves off, but more Swarm are in pursuit.

To the rear the Marines and Laertes are swamped.

Mila and Lobo likewise at the front.

This is where it all goes wrong for the Unity investigators.
Two marines are ripped to pieces.

While another is torn apart beside Mila.

However the lone Marine and Mila manage to cut a swathe through the Slathers in front of them. 

Laertes yells at Mila to run for the exit but although she tries neither she nor the Marine can put enough distance between themselves and the slathering teeth that chase them.

Laertes puts up a stiff fight but...

His screams are cut short as he is swept from his feet.

Lobo desperately tried to scramble back his master, Mila felt his life force dwindle and die.

Next to Mila, the final Marine gallantly gave his life that she might gain her freedom.

Despite being somewhat shocked and disorientated Mila made for the exit as quickly as she could.

So agonizingly close.

The Swarm of Drogoyles won initiative and surrounded the Psi.

Nothing could save her.

It seemed that her friends had died in vain.

As Mila too felt the cold breath of horror on the nape of her neck and clutching claws about her throat.


Death, death, death...

When I came up with this scenario I thought it might be difficult for the team and that some running might result, but not what happened.
 I used the cavern cards from our Quest set to decide how the caverns developed and the basic method of generating Swarm attackers as per Quest. On a roll of 1 a swarm group would appear, although after the halfway point had been reached they appeared on 1 and a 6. It all worked well, for the Swarm at least.

I can't quite believe they are all dead... but are they?

I mean I didn't see the bodies did you?

To be concluded.


  1. A great read, now I'm dying to know what happens to Bix and his retinue!

  2. Edge-of-the-seat stuff! Brilliant!

  3. Cheers fellas, really appreciate the comments :-)

  4. Looks fantastic and this definitely helps put a fantasy version of Clash up on the priority list :)

    1. I really enjoyed playing the game. a fantasy version would be good :-)