Sunday 27 September 2015

Quest Report: The Dragon's Eye

As is the way with many sagas and great deeds, they often find themselves interrupted by more mundane day to day a adventures, and so it was with our heroes. 

Charged with reinserting a jewel into the eye of a serpent statue which held the deamonic form of an enchanted dragon, a common enough task, the Heroes found themselves working for a Dwarf lord by the name of Ragnor Bjeornison.

Bill, Faroth, Gwendgoth  and Azzraela, desperately in need of cash traveled deep under the Karot Azron mountains to find the Firechasm.
Confronted with all manner of Orc and there ilk, hope your listening Mr Dave Gorman, who had moved into the Dwarven halls and made them their own many years before, our heroes delved deep into the dungeon below.

They immediately found themselves attacked by all manner of Orc based nastiness, but with  pruditial use of magic and Bills huge axe, the many enemies were slain. To be honest we were mostly very lucky on the number of monsters rolled at each encounter.

Some just being too easy to slaughter, like these goblins.

Even this goblin chief and his spearmen did little to dent the heroes progress, although they did stay by the fire warming themselves for some while.

After many winding corridors they came to the Firechasm which held the dragon statue: quests end.

They were surrounded, but again by only a puny force.

Bill decapitated the 2 orcs behind.

Faroth used much magic to heal his friends while Gwend and Azza laid into the troll initially. It was the troll that worried the group mostly, they have regen 2D6 which can be very tricky. However with all their efforts his way the troll was killed off and never got to use his regen powers. 
The goblin hero was inept at fighting and his magic weapon did nothing to aid him, he died quickly in the next combat.

The jewel was returned to its place, although the gods did grumble a little as there was no dwarf to replace it. But then the heroes did a silly thing.

They kept all the gold they had found for themselves instead of returning to the Dwarf Lord Ragnor
They will have made a sulky, grudge filled enemy, no doubt about that.

The merry band returned to the Wharf and set about getting drunk, what Bill does best and ignored the entreaties from Lord Ragnor to come visit him in his halls.

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