Wednesday 16 September 2015

IHMN:The Black Badger

 This is a bit of  departure for me, but it is an area of gaming I have been interested in since the release of Golden Heroes, heavens knows when!

But having seen the Dark Knight over on the IHMN site I felt a deep rumbling that formed itself into the miniature you see here. 

Only thing was that the Badger was a comic book hero already (who would have guessed?), so mine is an homage to the original with a slightly more antiseptic back story. The Black Badger will be fighting evil in a neighborhood near you soon. (I hope!)

The Black Badger miniature was originally a Catachan jungle fighter by GW. I cut and repositioned his right leg so he was running, added the blades taken from a Dark Eldar helmet, the rest is GS.

The claw emblem in GS, fiddly!

Norbert Dentrisangle, was a Crimean war veteran (1853-56) suffering from multiple personality disorder. After returning to Blighty and receiving no therapeutic counselling "stiff upper lip and all that," he became the "The Black Badger", an urban vigilante who could talk to animals (or so he claimed).

After escaping from a mental institution, Norbert met a 12th-century monk named Ip Chan , who had just awakened from an 800-year coma . Ip took the Black Badger in as a boarder in his monastery in return for the Badger's devoted service. During this time Ip trained and honed The Black Badger in the Chinese art of Wing Chun.

Ip Chan was constantly at war with powerful daemons that sort to use his monastery to gain access to the material world, it seems it was a natural portal to other realms. Inevitably Norbert as the Black Badger was drawn into this conflict. During one such occasion Norbert was pierced through both hands by the blades of a huge Daemon named, Thorgog.

Using his mystical powers and healing herbs, Ip managed to vanquish Thorgog and eased Norbert's pain, although he was never able to remove the daemon's blades. The Black Badger uses these blades as a weapon against his foes, despite the terrible pain they cause him.

As Ip has grown older he realised he could not continue to battle daemons as he had done and that Norbert would need allies. Thus, in the last few years Ip has trained a select group of warrior monks who could be called upon to help the Black Badger when needed.

Basic Equipment
The Black Badger

Martial Artist, Intuitive,
Berserker, Medic (self only), Anti-venom
Claws, as per bayonet, +3 FV -1 Pluck
Ip Chan

Martial Artist, Leadership +2,  Medic, The Path of light
Brigandine, Halberd,

Warrior Monks

Martial Artist,
Combat Knife, Pistol
Smoke Grenades

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