Thursday 17 September 2015

KOW: Herd V Empire of Dust 2

Steve came over and played another game of Kings of War at my house. A merry old time we had of it too. We played with nearly identical armies to the last game a week ago at the club.

The Herd: Beastmen

20 Tribal Berserkers
20 Tribal Berserkers
40 Tribal warriors
20 Tribal Longhorns
6 Brutes
10 Centaur Braves
6 Stampede
Shaman, with Heal 5
Tribal Totem Bearer
Guardian Champion 


Empire of Dust: Tomb Kings

40 Skeleton Archers
40 Skeleton Spearmen
10 Skeleton Cavalry
20 Revenants
Bone Giant
6 Skeleton Chariots
3 Revenant Worm Riders
3 Enslaved Guardians x2
1 Monolith
Cursed Pharaoh
Army Standard
1 High Priest
1 High Priest on Horse

Both sides move up in their first turns.

I really moved the centaur braves too far forward.

The Tribal warriors, my largest unit camped themselves this side of the river.

Although Undead don't march they can double their move on the charge, oops!

The Revenant Guard slam into the side of the Centaurs, they were indeed too far forward.

The enslaved Guardians block off the flank charge from the Berserkers.

On the left flank the Warriors are routed off the field and the Chimera is wavering and so unable to charge next turn.

The Chariots and Horsemen moved in for the kill.

Side stepping the Bone Giant the Chimera hoped to stall the Chariots trail of destruction.

The Longhorns charged the Skeleton Horse, but to little effect.

On the right flank, the Berserkers charged the Revenants while the combined charge of the Brutox and the Stampede crashed into the Skeleton Archer Horde.

The Minotaurs slay the Enslaved Guardians while the Berserkers bounce off the Revenants.

On the far right the Brutox and Stampede turn on the spot after their victory over the Archer Horde.

In the Dust turn the Horsemen and Revenant Worm Riders Combo charge the Longhorns. Surprisingly the Longhorns survive.

On the far right flank there is only the Revenants and the Casket (Monolith) left and the Butox and Stampeded have them in their sites.

For the Longhorns things are looking grim and for the Chimera positively dire!

The Revenants are surrounded and destroyed, the Stampede getting 90 attacks in the rear!

Still the Chimera and Longhorns hold on, but not for much longer.

The right flank belongs to the Herd as the Brutox slays the Monolith.

While the left flank is in the hands of the Empire of Dust.

The Horde of Skeleton Spears fail to Surge into combat and are in line to be charged by the Minotaurs, the Guardian and the Brutox in the flank.

A brief lull in the fighting before the final set pieces.

The Shaman and th BSB try to get in way of advancing Undead units, prepared to sacrifice themselves... But both managed to escape, Steve's dice rolls let him down.

The Herd charge forth, the Beserkers into the Skeleton Horse, the Minotaurs and Brutox into the Worm Riders.

With the Worm Riders destroyed the way was clear for the Bone Giant and the chariots to rush in.

After some brutal combats and some fortuetous dice rolling only the giant was left standing.

The Berserkers managed to put just enough wounds onto the Horseman to rout them.
While the Brutox managed to slay the Chariots the Giant was left standing.

The Herd tried to mop up the last of the characters and the Bone Giant but failed miserably.
The end of the turn saw the end of the game.

The game was called as a Herd victory.


Well it seemed to both Steve and myself that the combats had become a bit quicker, with units breaking and routing more than they had in the previous version. Nothing wrong with that we liked that, it moved the game along nicely.
Being wounded in combat can make a huge difference to the counter charge as you lose thunderous charge. Steve's Pharoah negated some of the impact of the Stampede by wounding them. Although he did eventually destroy the whole unit.

A really fun game, again, will be playing Kings of War as my main fantasy battle game from now on.

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