Sunday 13 September 2015

KOW: Movement Trays for Herd

Kings Of War 2000 pt Army

All on new movement trays.

Spent an evening making movement trays for my Herd army for Kings of War. Not very interesting it has to be said but there you go.

I made a job lot of them, so that I'm not scrabbling about again in the future. Painted them a grey, for two reasons really. First because its goes with general colour scheme of the Beastmen/Herd and secondly, because I have a load of dark grey paint (always a good reason I find :-))

The movement trays are made from a hardboard base cut to size, edged with barbecue sticks and filled with a little PVAcrete, for extra strength.


  1. Nice trays for an impressive horde!

    1. Cheers Gordon, have always liked the Beastmen, although they don't always behave very well :-)