Saturday 12 September 2015

IHMN: Animal Daemons

I am slowly getting through the Coven of Svalbard Company I posted the roster for a while back. After the Gyptian warriors I posted last week I have put together and painted two Animal Daemons to accompany the Gyptians.

These Daemons are made from some very cheap zoo animals I got from Home Bargains, £2.99 for about 35 model animals. Then I cut a couple of 40 mm diameter bases from my stock of hardboard and way we go. The cobbles were made the same way I made them for the Gyptian warriors, just cereal card, cut to shape.


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Phil, considering they were next to nothing to buy, they'll do for me :-)

  2. They llok brilliant. Love the muted...almost ethereal...paint job! Very appropriate! How tall are they compared to the figs?

    1. Thanks Gordon, they come up to a 28 mm models shoulder, so quite tall, but they look OK, will post some pictures with the company all together soon :-)

  3. Cool beasts, great paintjobs on both!