Thursday 10 September 2015

KOW: The Herd V Empire of Dust

Kings of War 
second edition game

Played Kings of War for first time in about a year at the club, Monday night, against Steve.

We were using the new rules and 2 new armies to KOW, The Herd (Beastmen) and Empire of Dust (Tomb Kings).

The Herd: Beastmen

20 Tribal Warriors
40 Tribal Berserkers
20 Tribal Longhorns
6 Brutes
10 Centaur Braves
6 Stampede
Shamen, with Heal 5
Tribal Totem Bearer
Guardian Champion 

Empire of Dust: Tomb Kings

40 Skeleton Archers
40 Skeleton Spearmen
10 Skeleton Cavalry
20 Revenants
Bone Giant
Giant undead Scorpion
Balefire Catapult
3 Revenant Worm Riders
3 Enslaved Guardians
1 Monolith
Cursed Pharaoh
Army Standard
1 High Priest
1 High Priest on Horse

Initial deployment.

End of turn 1: the Berserkers in the middle of the picture were not fairing to well, having been shot at and magically attacked, 14 wounds down!

On the right flank the battle is well and truly met. The Stampede (Razorgor) charged into the Skeleton Spearmen, big mistake. 30 attacks with thunderous charge 4, should be great, but not if you attack a phalanx in the front, no bonus's!!

Steve rolled a 12 for nerve on the Longhorns and they fled the battle.
The Warriors bounced off the Worm Riders. 

The Revenant Cavalry took out the Berserkers and then the Centaurs flank charged the Revenants doing the same to them.

The Revenant Infantry slammed into the side of the Stampede, but they survived. 
Then the Brutox flank charged the Revenants and with a large dose of luck killed them off .

The Bone Giant and the scorpion prepared to attack the Centaurs.

The Guardians and the Champion charged the Enslaved Guardians and killed them.

The Bone Giant and the Undead Scorpion destroyed the Centaurs.

The Worm Riders charged the Guardians in the flank using prudant use of Surge in the magic phase.

The Brutox dashed towards the Monolith

The Stampede were beginning to get worn down by the Skeleton Phalanx despite the best efforts of the Shaman to heal them.

The Guardians were dispatched by the Worm Riders.

The Brutox wounds and then kills off the Monolith.

Only to be charged by the Undead Scorpion.

The Guardian Champ decides to take on the Worm Riders while the Chimera being played by a Cygor (yes I forget the model!!!!) Fought it out with the Faraoh.

At the last, the Faraoh beat the Chimera, the Brutox was bludgeoned by the Bone Giant and the Scorpion and the Stampede were wiped out by the Skeleton Phalanx. 


A good game and a smashing start to playing Kings of War more often.
A very fitting win for Steve and his Empire of Dust army.
We remembered most things and the game played very fluidly. The alterations only made it play quicker and more effectively.
Both of us have believed this is a far better mass combat game than others on the market and prefer it to Age of Sigmar.
I just wish my Mantic Kickstarter merchandise would arrive, would have been easier to play with a couple of books to look stuff up in.

So a big thumbs up for Kings of War and well done to Steve.


  1. Replies
    1. Yep Kings of War does have a epic big battle feel about it, and I like that. Will be playing again next week :-)

  2. Looked great. I'm still trying to convince my group to give KoW a lash. soon I hope.

    1. I think it is really worth a go, there is plenty of tactical play in the game. It's the big battle game Age of Sigmar is not. Mantic is a responsive company as well they've produced 2 new lists to encourage WFB players to get involved, and they are open to rules suggestions. Also magic supports play rather than being a huge driving force, I like that too, but you sound like you're converted already :-)

  3. It also plays very quickly.... A new set of rules did the first game we have played in ages and it flowed nicely

    1. It has loads of features to recommend it and a wealth of tactical play, where flank and rear charges make a massive different to the game. Even before Age of Sigmar I enjoyed playing it more than 8th Edition :-)