Sunday 21 September 2014

All the Tiles

3D tile Dimensions:
These are all the tiles I have made so far, this represents about 2 years work in dribs and drabs and between other projects.
I had intended doing this several months ago but the whole idea of taking the pictures and uploading them all, well it put me off. But here they are
I have really loved making these and we love playing on them, was the best decision I made, and I will be definitely making some more in the future.

Objective Rooms: 285mm by 155mm

Dungeon Rooms: 155mm by 155mm

T-Junctions: 90mm by 90mm by 220mm

Corners: 90mm by 90mm by 155mm

Cross Roads: 210mm by 210mm

Step corridor: 220mm by 90mm

Corridors: 220mm by 90mm

Special Corridors: 220mm by 90 mm

Warlords Throne Room: 285mm by 187mm

Undead Chamber: 285mm by 187mm


Wider Corridors:220mm by 120mm

Large Halls: 270mm by 210mm

330mm by 240mm

Hall of Death: 180mm by 180mm

Flames: 120mm by 120mm

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