Tuesday 2 September 2014

New Characters

After much discussion and hair pulling we have come up with our four new characters. Ita has required me to paint three new models, but I am glad to have done them.

I will post some details of the characters when they have had some time to develop, but at the moment there is always the possibility that they will perish. This early period in acharacters life can be very precarious, they often die very easily. It can be just a matter of drawing the wrong card at the wrong moment. I remember being confronted by three Minotaurs after an unexpected event made them appear in the first corridor of a game- the whole party were squashed like bugs anfd the game lasted 10 minutes.

So here are our new heroes, lets hope they get to have many adventures in the future...

Faroth, the Elf Mage.

Blackhead Bill, the Ogre Mercenary.

Gwendgoth, the Witch Elf.

Azzeraela , the Assassin.

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