Monday 8 September 2014

The Chapel

Ticking along in the background has been the chapel model that I designed some time ago. Based on two models that I felt could be given a dual use and could do with a refurbishment. 

This is how far I have got in the last few weeks, doing bits and pieces every now and then. Yesterday I sat in the garden and undercoated the tower in the sunshine.

I still have the roof section to complete but it is coming along, after several attempts at coming up with a good way of attaching it.

I'm not sure that this looks too much like a chapel at the moment, I'm hoping that with additional small bits of furniture that it will come alive. I wanted to be able to use these two separate models individually as well, getting as much use out of them as possible.

These were originaly the same and were made a long time ago, for a large castle complex. 
This is the canopy area for top of tower.

Can be used as stand alone piece or fits into the top of the tower.

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