Monday 15 September 2014

INQ28 Characters

These are another set of models me and my son used many moons ago, I think, although it was a long time ago and they may have just been an experiment on my part. Who really knows?

I found the Inquisitor background very interesting however some of the rules and bit too much. So what me and the Young Daxio did was use Necromunda models and rules with Inquisitor background. We limited ourselves to only 4 models in a gang and developed about 6 different settings with a strongly themed series of stories.

I get the feeling that these characters were actually developed as a side story to the main plot line of the Gomez brothers not really seeing eye to eye.


Thats where 2 of my Quest rat bodies went, all those years ago!

The injectors on Swarm's back were made using transistors from a broken radio.

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