Tuesday 9 September 2014

Original Character Models

These are character models that we are presently not using, hope to remedy that in the future.
The first three are from the original Quest set, which I had from '93 but never painted till recently. The dwarf of the quartet is holding up my dwarf general on a shield!

These four are new additions, trying to create a broader set of possibilities.

Druid, made from Heroquest wizard, with goblin shamen sickle arm, plenty of green stuff to create beard, bags, and robes.

Bretonoin knight, made from chaos warriors legs, Bret knights torso and head, sword arm from a high elf.
A very mixed bag of bits with green stuff to hold it together.

Ogre Merc, an old Blood Bowl model, added a backpack, created axe.

Female Elf from Reaper Mini's.


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