Tuesday 16 September 2014

That was the River

I am at the moment not allowing myself to buy anything else to paint or make. This is because I have plenty to do and no money, but also because we are preparing to move home and there will only be so much stuff that can be safely transported.

So I have been looking at projects that need finishing. While looking through an old box of bits I came across my river, only basically done, put to one side.

So at the weekend I got out glue ,sand, paint, varnish (all items I already own) and have now completed the river section just about to my satisfaction.

Now I want to see if I can think of different ways of using them... mmmh.

Here is the complete set. Four curves, one with a ford, three short straights one with a fording point.
Two longer straights.

The corner ford.

The straight ford.

Longer straight.

Longer straight number two.

Straight across a 4ft table.

They are a bit formulaic, not very realistic, but there you go. I very rarely use them in games but really felt it aught to be finished off. I will not ever makeany more, only finished these last night.

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